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Each of our obstetricians have trained extensively in the management of both low risk and high-risk pregnancies. They understand that everyone is different and will have a different expectation surrounding their ideal pregnancy and delivery. Whilst our obstetricians believe it is important to discuss all aspects of pregnancy care, they will tailor your care and try to make your pregnancy and birth experiences positive and memorable.  

You will be booked to either Carol, Charlotte, Carolin or Sam as your primary obstetrician. Our obstetricians have a close working relationship and work in a shared on-call arrangement, covering one another afterhours and for leave. This allows them to provide the optimum care for you during your pregnancy, particularly for labour and birth.

Although most of your antenatal visits will be with your primary obstetrician, specific appointments will be arranged with the other obstetricians to allow you to get to know them all in case your primary obstetrician is not available when you have your baby.

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